Three Card Mulligan Review

Three Card Mulligan poker game is created by Michael Shackleford in 2006. It is a simple game to understand. Players begin with making a three card poker hand and have a chance to get a mulligan. It will return the hand for an extra bet. The main objective of the game is to create a best three card hand in comparison to the dealer.

The Never Ending Exciting Activity

Three Card Mulligan poker game is created for casino beginners. The rules of the game are easy to understand and implement, and the scoring system is great. The players can only make a single decision. The game makes use of a standard 52 cards deck where each card carries a classical poker value. The lowest card holds the value of 2s while the highest card as As.
You should know that the classical poker hand ranking system is just altered a bit in three card poker table games. You cannot create a full house by making use of just three cards. In order to start the game, the players should set up an ante bet and this value should be similar or more than the posted table minimum. During this point, players have also the option to create an extra bet known as the Pair Plus side bet.
After the players have put up an Ante bet, the dealer will distribute three cards to each player with face up. He will have three cards for himself with face down. Once the players will get their three cards, they will decide if they want to stand or take the mulligan. In the Stand option, the player will just use their three cards and work to defeat the dealer.
In the Mulligan option, the player will choose to discard the three cards and get the three different cards to create the new hand. However, if you are taking the Mulligan option, you are required to put the extra mulligan bet with the same amount as the original Ante bet. When using the Mulligan option, you can also opt to set up another bet on the Pair Plus side bet, which will be for the second hand.
After all the players have taken their decision for the Stand or Mulligan, the dealer will disclose their own three cards. If the dealer gets a better hand, they should stand pat. However, if they don’t have the better hand, they should take the Mulligan or discard the hand before taking three more cards from the deck.
The final three cards of dealer will be compared to the rest of the player’s hand. If there is a tie, all bets will be pushed. If the dealer wins, players will lose their Ante as well as Mulligan bet.


Three Card Mulligan Poker game is an interesting game which most beginners enjoy to the fullest. This is because the rules are simple to understand and implement. It is sufficient for most players to know the card ranks and hand ranks in order to play the game. You should keep in mind that the house edge is high and game is fast-paced.