Super Fun Blackjack 21 Review

You may easily find numerous versions of Blackjack game by Microgaming on online platform. The various variations of the game help the players choose the one they prefer to play. If you like playing blackjack game, you should definitely watch out for the Super Fun 21 Blackjack game.

The Amazing Game with Additional Bonus Payouts

Super Fun 21 Blackjack is an online game that offers extra bonuses to the players. The game is played using one standard 52 card deck without jokers. The dealer starts the game by shuffling the cards before every round. Players can make the bet only on one hand. The primary objective of the game is to attain more than the dealer without surpassing 21.
The basic rules to play the Super Fun 21 Blackjack are quite simple. If the dealer has got the ten or face up ace, he verifies for Blackjack. If it is there, then the player loses the bet without dealing the cards. Players are permitted to double with any number of cards and score. They can also double after a split. They can split any two cards of the similar value.
Players are permitted to create a split three times straightway until the formation of four hands. There is a great possibility of splitting aces numerous times. The players can surrender despite the upcard of the dealer and the number of cards.
There is a payment of 1:1 for basic winning. There are exciting bonus payouts also in Super Fun 21 Blackjack game. Bonus payouts are paid for diamonds in 2:1. If the player gets a hand with six cards but less than 20 points, he wins. If a player gets a hand with more than five cards with 21 points, he wins and gets a payout in 2:1. It is worth noting that these payouts are not available after a double.
If you are eager to try your hands on this amazing Super Fun 21 Blackjack game, you can download it for free. The basic rules of the game are easy to master and once you get along with them, you will enjoy playing it. There are several options of Super Fun 21 Blackjack. You will find that it has a normal strategy table, which players can use during the gameplay. You can also run the autoplay. Generally, it is an easy game to play because of its easy to understand rules and friendly interface.


Super Fun 21 Blackjack is definitely one of the fantastic versions of the Blackjack series. Players enjoyed playing it because it has various different rules and options. The interesting feature of the game is that you can surrender at any time. You can easily locate the Super Fun 21 Blackjack game at numerous online casinos that use software from Microgaming. These casinos let you enjoy the fun of blackjack for free as well for real money. Prior to playing this game, you can learn about it in detail and learn the strategy so that you can win easily.