The RPG game genre is incredibly popular. And we’re not only talking about video games –board/paper&pen games are just as popular, despite them. There is a wide variety of games you can pick up and play, with some being a little but more forgiving toward novice players, and some being made for powerplayers. Today, we’re presenting a game that’s a little different called Shadowrift. Read the review below and check it out.

Work Together

Usually, when playing an RPG game, you’re competing against other participants. However, Shadowrift is a co-op game in which players play together to fend off monsters and protect the Village. Shadowrift also presents a different challenge to the players – instead of playing as a hero, you’re playing as a captain of sorts, and you need to protect the people of the village.
It should also be noted that this is a deck-building game, in that you build your deck ad hoc by buying cards and adding them to your deck of existing cards. Shadowrift has a different take on the genre, as it has a different win condition. Instead of your task of beating a boss or completing a story, you win by building a wall around your village (six pieces need to be built). The game revolves around resource management, as you have several resources that will allow you to buy equipment and other buildings in the village to improve your chances of survival. There are also spells that can be bought, and magic as resource, but these cards are only in the supporting role, rather than being vital to the gameplay.
The game begins (after setting up the board) by revealing five villager cards and one monster card. If, at any moment, you don’t have any villagers out, or, to be exact, if they’re killed and replaced by corpse cards, you automatically lose the game. The monster has three levels it can go through, and each time it levels up, it gets an additional effect at the expense of the village and those within it. In essence, you need to either kill the monster quickly, or keep it in the lowest level as long as you can, as it will prevent other monsters from coming out and threatening your settlement.


There are plenty of games in the genre that look alike, especially when it comes to deck-builders. This is why a game needs to provide something new to the players to keep them interested. Shadowrift provides that “something new” that will spice up your gaming, making it an excellent game to pick up if you’re tired of your old ones.