Rabbit Hunter Casino Card Game Review

Rabbit is a type of poker game where the cards in the hands are later exposed even though there is no showdown. In a usual poker game, dealers are not permitted to create such revelations for various reasons. Laying the cards usually reduce the speed of the game that not only becomes boring but less valuable for the house. Moreover, exposing the cards discloses the data regarding the hidden cards and thus reduces the excitement of the game.

Enjoy the Exhilarating Session with Your Friends

The word ‘rabbit hunt’ means to reveal the remaining board to the player when the hand is over. This can mean the entire flop or turn. Rabbit Hunter is an admired card game with direct play against the dealer. It has also got the optional bonus bet. Both players and dealer receives the five cards in order to create their best poker hands; however, players have the choice to buy the sixth card.
In order to start the game, players should create an Ante bet. Players can also create ‘tens up’ bonus bet to fight for bonus payouts. It is important to note that players may not gamble more on tens up than they can do on Ante. Moreover, players can also create the two way bad beat wager.
The dealer giver each player a packet of cards while taking the top card and keeping it face down on some designated area, distributing it in a clockwise direction. On receiving his own packet, dealer burns the top card and then pushes the green button on the shuffler that distributes the left over cards and shuffles the next packet.
Players then look at their five cards. They have various choices to make at this point. They can fold or lose their ante. They can also choose to stay back in the game by creating a play bet. When the players create the play bet, they can purchase one more card. The money is put on the logo of the Rabbit Hunter.
If the players fold, the dealer instantly gathers their chips and cards. If the player creates a play bet however they don’t buy the extra card, the dealer will take away that card and put it in the discard pile. In cases where the players create a play bet and purchase the sixth card, the dealer will do the amount verification or gather the cash and put it in the tray. The dealer later expose the five cards and broadcasted his hand.


Rabbit hunter is an extremely exclusive card game with simple play rules. There are hardly any card games where you have the opportunity to buy an extra card and thus play six cards to the dealer’s five cards. Some people think that it slows down the game, so it is better to use it sparingly so that you can enjoy the excitement. If you have not enjoyed this unique card game, you should play it at your nearest casinos.