Progressive Blackjack Review

Blackjack is one of the traditional casino games and is available to play online as well as offline. You can find several variations of the Blackjack games on online casinos, each with somewhat different rules so that the players find something innovative to try in its every version. Progressive Blackjack is also preferred by many players all over the world since it offers various appealing features and ways to earn big. If you are keen to learn more about this exhilarating game, let’s move on.

Innovative Features and Interesting Twists

When you will start this game, you will instantly realize that it is a five-handed game that simply conveys that one can enjoy five hands at the same time. The primary objective of Progressive Blackjack is to defeat the dealer with a hand of complete 21 or less. The great thing about this game is that it has simple rules that are easy to follow.
The Progressive Blackjack game is played with six decks as per the standard rules. The dealer gives out two cards to all players and gets one card with face down and another with face up.
At this stage, the players have various choices to deal with such as split, Stand, Double down, insurance and hit. Hit means that the player can take another card. Split means that player can split card with same value and play them separately. Stand means that player takes no cards for that hand. Double down means that the player double the bet and take one more card.
The players begin the game by selecting the stake from the chips present at the bottom left corner. They should determine the number of hand they want to play and then later put one or several chips in the circle to signify that. After the session is completed your hands will be compared, and you will be given the money if they win.
The jackpot total can be found on the left hand side of the board. If you are looking forward to win big amount of cash, the initial four cards you put should be Aces of the same type. This is possible since there are six deck cards included in the game and thus six matching Aces are available.
Most likely, the most exhilarating part of Progressive Blackjack is the side bet because it allows you to play for a progressive jackpot. If you want to play, just press on the coin slit and decides on the amount of the stake. These should begin from the first card. If you get four consecutive aces, you will receive progressive jackpot.
Nowadays, numerous casinos offer progressive blackjack game. You can easily find it almost all the reputed online casinos as well, specifically if you are playing with brand companies like NetEnt, Playtech, Micriogaming CryptoLogic and IGT.


Progressive Blackjack is a latest game which is extremely exciting to play. The included innovative features of the game make it more interesting among players. If you are a gamer, try Progressive Blackjack and earn big bucks. We are sure you will keep coming back to play it more.