Pontoon Blackjack Review

Blackjack is a well-liked name among card players since almost all of them have enjoyed playing it. Nowadays, there are various versions of Blackjack card games available on the market and one of these is the Pontoon Blackjack card game. We are sure if you are a fan of Blackjack card games, you will be eager to know more about it in detail. Read on to unfold the various attractive features of this exciting card game.

The Storehouse of Appealing Features

It is quite an easy task to get familiar with the rules of Pontoon Blackjack game. You just need to select the amount you desire to bet and push the deal button. After this, you will get the two cards. The main objective of the game is to create at least 21 but not more than this figure. If you try to exceed this number, your hand ruins and the opponent will win.
Mostly all the cards in the deck are of immense value. Kings, Jacks and Queens hold worth ten points. Moreover, Aces are one or ten. You can select the one that provides you with the best hand. After you have got your two cards, you have various choices.
One feature of the game is twist where you can get one card if you want to make your hand better in order to get closer to 21. If you are able to draw a card that is less than 21, you are on the track to win the game. However, if you move on over 21, you reduce your chance to win.
Sticking is another feature of the game where you can prefer not to take more cards. For instance, if you gave 17, you are in a favorable place so you can decide to stop taking more cards to exceed your number to more than 21.
Another feature is double down, where you can double the amount of your bet in return of an extra card. For example, if your initial cards are 6 and 5, you can have eleven and you have a great possibility of making 21, which is a winning figure. In such cases, you may double your stake and take another card for improving your chances of winning.
You will also find split feature in the Pontoon Blackjack game. This means that if you have two of the similar cards, you have the alternative to crack them. For instance, if you have two 6’s, the figure of 12 is not a good option; however, you can take each of the 6’s and convert them into a new hand.


The Pontoon Blackjack card game is created by Playtech. You can find the game on various popular online casinos with rules. You will find the Pontoon Professional series on the internet. It is important that you understand the basic strategy to play Pontoon. Players can download the Pontoon Blackjack card game at no cost from Tropez Casino and most of other platforms running on software from Playtech. Most of the online casinos let the players play the game in free mode.