Pai Gow Poker Review

Pai Gow Poker is an US based excellent card game that is created on the Chinese game, Pai Gow. The primary difference between the two themes of the game is that the US based game uses cards and not dominoes.
The Pai Gow Poker card game is launched by Fred Wolf and Sam Torosian in 1985. Torosian had a reputed casino; but he was told by his legal representative that he could not copyright the cards. Gradually, other deck card companies began replicating the card game without giving credit to Torosian and his partners.

Entertaining, Adventurous and Exhilarating Game For All

Nowadays, Pai Gow Poker is a preferred card game among numerous players. The game includes several features where the player and the casino tie and there are no payments for the bets. The game is created in such a way that players can play it for a long time without losing a lot of their money. This factor makes the game more interesting and desirable for players.
The Pai Gow Poker deck game has 53 cards including standard 52 cards and one joker. At least 7 people can indulge in the game and enjoy it. Each player receives 7 cards and the remaining four cards are sent to the dumped stack. In cases, where the players are less than seven, then also seven cards are given to each player and rest are sent to the dumped stack. Interestingly, in some casinos, a dragon hand is distributed to the vacant seat or seats. If the dragon hand rule is taken, player can choose to use the wagering act for this hand.
Each player is allowed to create a five card and a two card hand. The bet of similar size is created on the result of both hands thus the players should play attentively throughout the game. It is important to bear in mind that you cannot make similar type of 2 card hand.
The game includes the role of banker similar to the one found in the baccarat. The banker is decided by rotating the banking duties about the table. With the beginning of the game, initial banker is chosen randomly though dice rolls or by electronic created number. Gambling begins from spot one to spot seven.
In general, a participant ought to place the biggest two-card hand. You should remember that the outcome of the 2-card hand count helps in attaining the bets just like the 5-card hand; thus these two cards are considered important as compared to the 5 cards.
Players will find thorough basic strategy rules on the table for playing hands; however these can be difficult from the outlook of many novel players. If you are not able to figure out how to gamble your cards, you have the choice to play your hands according to the normal way.


Pai Gow Poker is available on the internet at many online casinos. More and more players are indulging in this fun-filled and thrilling activity. If you prefer playing poker games, you should definitely try your hand on this exciting card game.