No-Flop Pineapple Review

No-Flop pineapple card game was introduces at the Golden Nugget in 2011. It is one of the exclusive games where player and dealer work to create the top four-card poker hand with the help of three pocket cards and two community cards. If you are keen to learn more about this fun-filled card game, continue reading.

The Finest and Exclusive Card Game of All Times

The player with higher hand becomes the winner. The strategy of the game is that player and dealer should get rid of one of three pocket cards. The dealer always opens, but the player has the chance to either fold or raise the card. The dealer has the choice to abandon the card after seeing the two community cards. As similar to the many variants of poker, premium hands get the maximum payouts.
The No-Flop pineapple card game has a 52-card deck. When comparing two hands, the card game is played using standard poker rules. In the starting of the game, player creates an Ante wager. The player has the choice to create a wager on the Pocket Pairs side bet. The dealer puts three cards with face down to himself and three cards face down to each player. He also sets two community cards with face down.
Every gamer inspects his three cards and decides the types of two cards he wants to keep and the cards they want to get rid of. It is important to note that the gamers are not permitted to leak information about their cards with other gamers.
When all the players reject one card, the dealer will expose the first community card. Every gamer then make a decision to fold his hand or drop his Ante. They can also create a Play bet of twice his Ante to carry on playing the game.
Subsequently, the dealer will show the last community card along with his three hole cards. The dealer decides to get rid of one of his three cards in order to make the best combination of four-hand cards. Later, the dealer makes comparison of his hand to other player’s hand. If the dealer succeeds, the player loses his play bets. However, if the player wins, he gets money on his play bets and Ante. In cases where there is a tie, the Play bets of the player is pushed. In cases where the gamer gets better, they get entitled to Ante Bonus.
The side bet in the game is Pocket Pairs, which give the payout on the player’s cards. In order for the players to win, they should have a Pocket Pair. Moreover, if the Pocket Pair links with the board, the player will earn more.


You will easily find No-Flop Pineapple card game is various casinos today; thanks to its awesome popularity. Even though it is a community card game, players play it just like Let It Ride or Blackjack. The No-Flop pineapple game is quicker than several poker games because there is no river or turn. If you have still not tried this card game, we suggest that you should play it at your nearest casino.