Alright, so everyone has probably heard of and played the Monopoly board game. However, not many people probably know that they have come out with a Monopoly Deal Card Game. One of the biggest complaints about the almighty Monopoly game was that it was too long to play. Not that the game itself is not fun, it’s a fantastic game, but the gameplay does take awhile. Many people probably remember playing this game as a kid, and also remember the need to hoard all of the money and properties. Who wouldn’t love to own loads of properties and have millions of dollars after just an hour of work? The best part of the game was probably charging people rent when they would land on a player’s property, but the income tax space did make a player sour when they would land on it.

The Monopoly card game allows for 2 to 5 players and it is made for those that are over the age of 8. Want to know the best part? This game only takes 15 to 45 minutes to play. Many players are probably already thinking that the shorter amount of time would mean that there would be many rules and concepts that were behind the original game lost. However, the Monopoly Deal Card Game kept most of the original concepts and rules, luckily for all of the fans out there.

In this game, there are money cards, and these will be used, obviously, for their monetary value. Of course, players will keep these cards in their bank piles. Then there are the property cards, and these are very similar to the style of the original game, but they have new additions to them in order to keep up with the mechanics of the newer game. After these come the action cards, these are able to be added to a player’s bank pile with the value shown or they can also be used in order to perform an action, as the name of the card would suggest. However, players will not be able to perform both of these actions, so they have to choose the best option for themselves.
The main goal of this game is to get 3 of the full property sets of cards. A set of property cards is complete once a player has collected all of the same color properties. The game play is pretty simple for this game, for the start of a players turn, they are able to pick 2 cards, and after they have done that they are able to play as many as 3 different cards. Also, players will notice that there are times when they will have to pay rent, like in the original game.

Final Thoughts on Monopoly

The Monopoly Deal Card Game has many great aspects, such as the short amount of time that it takes to play the game, having card money instead of flimsy paper money, and many other aspects. The only real downside that there is to this game is that it doesn’t quite feel like playing monopoly. All in all, it is a great family game, and a great game also for playing with friends.