Joker Wild Double Up Video Poker Review

Video poker was one of the first electronic games introduced in the casinos of Las Vegas and other gambling cities around the globe. It quickly became a fan favorite thanks to the low edge and the existing gameplay.
As a result, it was later adopted by the online gambling industry too. Joker Wild is one of the most popular variations of the game. The leading vendor NetEnt has developed its own version called Joker Wild Double Up. It comes with a couple of cool twists and can be found in a lot of online casinos.

Game Rules

As the name suggests, the Joker Wild Double Up includes a wild symbol that can be played as any other card to form a winning combination. They start at a pair of Kings and go all the way up to the natural Royal Flush. You can play 1, 5, 10, or 25 hands at the same time. You are also given the opportunity to adjust the bet for each of them from €0.10 up to €50. This makes the game great for both recreational players and people who like to bet big. The final touch is the option to double up or bust at the end of each hand. This creates an additional opportunity to win a large prize.

Advantages of Joker Wild Double Up

Here are the reasons the Joker Wild Double Up video poker quickly attracted a solid fan base:

  • Wild: wilds are fun and add an extra element of excitement when you play video poker;
  • Double up: you can win a lot of money if you are willing to try the double up feature;
  • A lot of action: the option to play up to 25 hands at the same time makes the game very dynamics;
  • Flexible betting limits: the minimum bet is really low and the maximum per round could reach €1,250;
  • Low house edge: like other video poker games, Joker Wild Double Up has a much lower house edge compared to many other casino products.

Risks Of Playing Joker Wild Double Up

You should be careful if you decide to play the Joker Wild Double Up, though. This is especially true for the double up feature at the end of each winning hand. If you’re too greedy, you could end up losing a lot.
The same applies to the multiple hand approach. It requires concentration and the ability to quickly make correct decisions. Make sure you can handle the tempo before using this option.

Final Words

NetEnt is one of the best developers of casino games out there and most of their products are an instant success. You can easily see why when you look at the Joker Wild Double Up video poker game. The design is clean and the user interface is simple. On top of that, the studio managed to take a classic concept and add some extra spice with a couple of cool features. Simply put, NetEnt took the best out of the traditional gameplay mechanics and developed a solid game for video poker lovers.