Jacks Or Better Video Poker Multihand Review

Video poker always had its place in the casino industry and has attracted a lot of players. The main reason for that is the relatively low house edge. If you add the element of strategy, it’s easy to see why most online casinos offer a section of video poker.
The game has a lot of variations, but one of the most beloved by the players is Jacks or Better. Thanks to the latest technologies on the market, you can even find the Jacks or Better Multihand version. It makes the whole gameplay much more dynamic, because you can play up to 100 hands at the same time.

Game Rules

The classic rules of Jacks or Better are based on the fact you could actually win with a pair of jacks or higher. This concept makes the game pretty dynamic and now you can even play up to 100 games at the same time. There’s an interesting user interface that allows you to see each of them on the screen. Once you decide what to do with the active hand, the next one pops up. This way, you will find tons of action in quick succession and can enjoy even short sessions.

The Developer Behind The Game

The Jacks or Better Multihand online game was created by NetEnt. The company is known for its strive for innovation and you can easily see that in the Jacks or Better Multihand Poker game. NetEnt managed to create a much more dynamic experience for the users and eliminate the boring waiting time. On top of that, the game is perfect for both recreational players and high rollers. The reason is that the minimum bet starts at $0.01 per hand and the limits are very high.

Advantages of Jacks or Better Multihand

Let’s take a look at the biggest advantages of this particular variation of video poker:

  • Non stop action: you will be able to play tons of hands at the same time;
  • Great for bonuses: if you are clearing a bonus or want to climb the VIP ladder of a certain casino, you can do it quickly with the Jacks or Better Multihand game;
  • Short sessions work: if you have 10-15 minutes, you can still have a lot of fun;
  • All the perks of video poker in general: low edge, strategy and decision making are the main reasons people love video poker and you have those as well.

Risks Of Playing Jacks Or Better Multihand

While the experience of playing the game be fun, you should be careful. For a start, make sure to correctly calculate your overall bet, so there are no unpleasant surprises. The user interface provided by NetEnt is rather clear in this direction, but always observe your total bet before starting the round. If you confuse it with the bet per hand, you could end up placing 100 times the amount you wanted to!
Another thing is that you make sure to stay focused. You will have to make plenty of decisions each round and do it quickly. You could end up making more mistakes that will affect your long-term success and decrease your chances to win.