Double Bonus Video Poker Review

The video poker machines were first introduced in the 1970s and became an instant hit. They provide the opportunity to win big, a lot of excitement, and are one of the games where the advantage of the house is not that big.
There are many variations of video poker available online today. One of them is Microgaming’s Double Bonus Video Poker. The game is very similar to Jacks or Better, because the winning combos once again start from a pair of Jacks. However, in Double Bonus the higher combinations bring bigger rewards. This makes it more volatile, but the chance to hit a large prize is higher too.

Game Rules

As already mentioned, the lowest winning combination in Double Bonus Video Poker is two jacks. The exciting part of the game comes if you hit one of the stronger combos and the jackpot is the fantastic 4,000. This is why a lot of people prefer this game instead of Jacks or Better. However, you should know that the likes of two pair will only return your stake. If you’re aiming at short sessions, you better play another variation of video poker. This one requires some patience until you hit a really solid prize.

Advantages of Double Bonus Video Poker

Here are the main reasons Double Bonus Video Poker is one of the most popular variations of the game:

  • Huge jackpot: not many video poker machines give you the chance to win 4,000 coins;
  • Other big prizes: the prizes for some of the other big combos are also boosted, so you have a good chance of winning a lot of money;
  • Low house edge: with the correct strategy, the house edge is extremely low;
  • Flexible betting limits: as many other video poker variations, you can bet peanuts or decide to go for large wagers.

Risks Of Playing Double Bonus Video Poker

The biggest problem of Double Bonus poker is related to the variation in the game. Since the bigger prizes are boosted, you can hit long dry spells. Simply put, you can end up playing for hours without hitting a large prize and this could be frustrating.
Another risk is related to the strategy for Double Bonus Video Poker. If you are used to playing other video poker machines where the lower combinations pay better, you might have a strategy that is not optimal for this particular set of rules. We recommend you to adjust your decision-making for the best results.

Final Words

When a giant in the industry like Microgaming releases a game, you can expect a high-quality product that will entertain people for years. That’s the case with Double Bonus Video Poker as well. The game comes wrapped up in a simple design and seamless user interface. You will get used to the flow almost instantly. On top of that, it’s one of the variations of video poker that have the highest possible jackpot. Still, this makes the volatility of the game a bit too high if you don’t intend to play a lot, so have that in mind.