Deuces Wild Double Up Video Poker Review

You will find tons of options to play Deuces Wild online, but not many of them can compare to NetEnt’s own Deuces Wild Double Up version. It adds a lot of extra excitement and comes with the typical clean design and user interface. On top of that, the studio developed the game to be compatible with mobile devices like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Game Rules

Deuces Wild Double Up Video Poker has almost the same rules as its original source of inspiration. The deuces in the game serve as wilds and can substitute any other symbol to complete any combo that brings you a prize. Once again, the minimum you need to hit is a three of kind or you lose your initial wager. Where things get a bit spicy is the double up feature. It allows you to play against the dealer and double your winnings or bust. On top of that, NetEnt gives you the chance to play up to 25 hands simultaneously and create more action.

Advantages of Deuces Wild Double Up Video Poker

Here’s what we really liked about Deuces Wild Double Up:

  • Multihand version: you have the chance to play 5, 10, or even 15 active hands during the same round. This makes it easier to have fun in shorter sessions;
  • The Wild is always fun: the truth is, video poker is always more exciting when there’s a wild involved;
  • Low house edge: the advantage of the casino is very low in video poker and Deuces Wild Double Up is not an exception to this rule;
  • Double Up: you could double your reward up to five times and this could make a huge difference if you get lucky.

Risks Of Playing Deuces Wild Double Up Video Poker

As with many other NetEnt products, you should be careful with the extra features. For a start, if you mess up the bets and pick 25 hands at the same time, you could end up risking way more money that you wanted to. This is why you should always be alert and avoid stupid mistakes.
On top of that, there’s the double up option. While it can make you rich quickly, it could also ruin you. Don’t get too greedy and think of it as an addition that could bring you some fun every now and then. Try to avoid using it every time you win, because the variation increases drastically each time you try your luck.

Final Words

NetEnt managed to become one of the most popular developers out there mainly because of its slots. However, the company has a lot more to offer as we can see in Deuces Wild Double Up Video Poker. The game is the perfect blend of traditional gameplay mechanics that have been around forever and modern design. You can enjoy your favorite video poker variation with a lot more action and opportunities to win big. Still, don’t forget that you should be careful with the new features, as the could impact your results in a negative way.