Blackjack Switch Review

Short Summary

Name: Blackjack Switch

Developer: Geoff Hall

Patented: 2009

Software: Playtech

+Easy to customize

+Higher chance of winning

-Low payouts


Blackjack Switch is an amazing casino game that was developed by Geoff Hall and copyrighted in 2009. It’s based on the famous Blackjack game but differs in that 2 hands, as opposed to 1, are dealt to every player and the players are initially allowed to switch (exchange) the top 2 cards between them.

General Impression

Frequent Blackjack players will understand the layout of Blackjack Switch table; the dealer, the cards, and the chips are located at the farthest side of the table while on the near side, there are 2 circles where you may place your wagers. The middles of the table hold the payouts and on which hand the dealer is on.

The main thing that differentiates this game from Blackjack game is that there are 2 circles where you can place your bets. This shows that you can play 2 hands at a go and is also the foundation of the switch ability.

So, you wager in the ordinary way but you need to realize that the chip value you select will be placed on the 2 circles, doubling your win. The cards are then dealt, you receive 2 hands face up and you are offered the usual options of Double, Stand, or Hit but you will also have the option to switch.


The sound and graphics of Blackjack Switch are pretty amazing. The animations in the chip movement and cards dealing help replicate live casino surrounding. This is further improved by the dealer voices that announce players’ wins and hand values.

The software enables for personalization of several features. Sound and full-screen options are the most frequent ones. Another unique customization feature is to play with huge cards.


The game runs on the Playtech software – one of the best software you will ever find in casinos.

Positive and Negative Impression

To begin, Blackjack Switch is a unique game that is not provided by many suppliers. It also has the ability to customizing your play and the process of switching cards boosts your chances of winning.

The major shortcoming of this game is that it doesn’t pay as much as other games – payouts are reduced.

Blackjack Switch History

Blackjack Switch was developed by Hall after he became frustrated by being dealt two weak hands when enjoying Blackjack. He argued that this could be improved if the top 2 cards were switched around the hands.

He showcased the game at the G2E meeting in Las Vegas in 2000 and it was later adopted by Harvey’s Casino in 2001. In 2003, Hall improved the game to incorporate the “Push on 22” rule. This lead to the inclusion of 4 queens in 2003. Today, the game is available in most casinos.


Blackjack Switch added some beautiful touches to the original game to produce something a little more exciting for people who need such things. Its gameplay is simple and nice and the chips are fantastic (runs from $0.10 to $100).